Selected Articles


Hitting Reset with a Mid-Career Sabbatical

Taking my own advice I've given to my clients (gasp!), I listed the 5 criteria that enabled me to push the proverbial "reset" button on my career. 

3 Reasons to Respect the Time Box in Agile

The time boxes in Scrum are there to help you, not punish you. Learn 3 reasons why the time box is so valuable.

Stop Looking for the Mythical Agile Silver Bullet

Organizations sometimes think Agile will solve all their problems. They are in for quite a ride. Go beyond process for teams, and focus on organizational effectiveness.

Participatory Management

Learn an approach based in Agile principles that Leaders can apply right away for greater staff and team engagement. 

Think Goals First, Not Metrics

Many new to Agile skip the first and yet most important step when determining metrics to use. Think about goals first, then determine and align your metrics to those goals second. 

Joy, Safety, and its Impacts to Growth

Based on Rich Sheridan's book Joy, Inc., see how joy and safety help increase collaboration and trust, leading to greater creativity and innovation.